Third Hand Capo

Third Hand Capo

Third Hand Capo

The Third Hand Capo is the only device that can clamp any combination of strings at any fret on any guitar.

This creates open-string effects similar to those achived by non-standard tunings of the guitar. Changing the length of an open string with a partial capo is fundamentally different than retuning the guitar, since the geometry of the scales and chords does not change, and you can play many things just as you would in standard tuning, but still achieve the sound of an open tuning. (There are also many interesting and very useful effects that can be achieved through the use of a partial capo and an altered tuning simultaneously.

A partial capo allows you to play things on your guitar that are not possible any other way, and it is equally useful to the total beginner, the recreational player and songwriter, and to the serious guitarist and composer. It allows drone-string resonances and chord voicings that are very useful and desirable, and opens up a new world of guitar sounds to be explored by both serious guitarists and songwriters. It is also an extremely useful tool for teaching guitar, and allows young children and those with learning disabilities to have a very successful guitar experience. It may be the best way ever devised for teaching fingerpicking.

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  • Clamps any combination of strings.
  • There are 63 ways to put it at any fret.
  • Use in standard tunings to imitate the sound of open tunings without retuning or relearning the finger board.
  • Use multiple capos or combine with altered tunings.
  • Songwriters can easily find new sounds.
  • Serious guitarists can explore a new world of possibilities.



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