Amp Clamps

Amp Clamps

Amp Clamps

Tired of mic stands in front of your guitar amp? Tripping over them?
Accidentally kicking them which changes the position of the mic and changing the sound it picks up? Want to get the same sweet spot of your speaker mic'ed everytime without a problem?

If your done with all the hassle that micing guitar amps brings, you NEED Amp Clamps!

There are 2 different Amp Clamps.

The Amp Clamp Pro comes with a small mounting plate that has to be screwed unto the bottom (recommended) or side of your amp or cabinet. You slide the arm of the Amp Clamp with micrphone (microphones not included) into that mount and you're set to go!

The amp Clamp 'S' can be placed on your amp or speaker without the mounting plate (although it comes with one and can be used as a Amp Clamp Pro). It clamps onto the side of your amp or speaker and can be fastened with a wingnut. It can easily be moved around on the amp or cabinet. This is ideal for work in studios to find an amp's sweet spot! The lip / side of the amp or cabinet may not be wider than 37 mm or the Amp Clamp 'S' will not work!

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