Rock on Audio - Personal Monitoring Systems

Rock on Audio - Personal Monitoring Systems

Designed specifically for use with in-ear monitors, this headphone amp is one of a kind. It includes output limiting to protect against unwanted loud noises in your mix. It can accept either standard line-level signals, or (unique to the Rockbox) it can accept speaker level signals. This is particularly useful when "daisy-chaining" your mix off of a passive monitor speaker. The gain and limiting threshold are pre-calibrated in our factory specifically for in-ear monitors with an impedance of 16 ohms or greater. The Rockbox is capable of driving any standard in-ear type headphones.

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Rock on Audio Rockbox Limiter and Cable! The perfect solution for musicians that don't want to spend money on expensive wireless monitor systems but like Personal monitoring. With these great products from Rock on Audio you can have Personal monitoring through a special instrument cable and a high quality limiter!
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