Amp Clamp 'S'

Amp Clamp 'S'

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Watch this clip for more info on the Amp Clamp 'S'!

  • This Amp Clamp DOES NOT have to be screwed to the amp or cabinet. It can, but it's not necessary. The Amps Clamp 'S' can be moved around freely yet it will remain securely fastened to your amp or cabinet.
  • No need for mic stands that are always in the way.
  • Can easily be mounted on the bottom (recommended) or on the side of any (*) guitar or bass amplifier or speaker cabinet.
    (*) The lip / side of the amp or cabinet may not be wider than 37 mm or the Amp Clamp 'S' will not work!
  • Mic your amp’s sweet spot every time. No need for flash lights to locate your speaker. Once you’re set-up you ready to go every time.
  • Light weight and compact enough for any gig bag or case.
  • Reduces stage and studio clutter.
  • Eliminates raised floor (stage) feedback.
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