Rockbox - Personal Monitor System


Rockbox - Personal Monitor System

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Special Features:

Rockbox Limiter

Built-in Limiter: Designed to protect your precious ears Large input
Range: Accepts signals up to 7.5V peak to peak.
Line/SpkSwitch: a 30dB pad for different input signals
Dual Colored LED Indicator: Speaker = green / Line = blue
1/4" TRS Input: Accepts mono balanced TRS and un-balanced TS signals
1/4" TRS Parallel Output: In parallel with TRS Input for sharing mix
1/4" Headphone Output: Use with Rockon Cable or headphones/in-ears
Volume Control: Specially designed output limiting for IEM's
Small Build: For setting up with any pedalboard or setup
9V DC Power: Provided 9V AC adapter (+). Polarity can be changed.

Rock on Cable

Performer End: 1/4" plug for your instruments signal. Continuing down this end of the cable about a foot or so down is your In-line 1/8" headphone jack for your monitor mix. Rock Box End: TRS 1/4" plug plug into Headphone Out on Rock Box. Splitting away from the TRS 1/4" plug is a In-line Female 1/4" jack which send your instrument cable to amp/tuner/pedalbaord/etc...

The Rockbox works great as stand-alone headphone amp - either on a stage or in a studio. But it can also be very useful for instrumentalists when combined with our Rockon Cable. Please check out our Packages that provide all-in-one solution for using in-ear monitors. This package provides a great hard-wired solution for an instrumentalist that wants to start using in-ear monitors. It is particularly useful for an player that already uses an instrument cable, and would like to use in-ear monitors. The Rockbox acts as your headphone amp, and the Rockon Cable delivers your in-ear mix to you (via your instrument cable - the Rockon Cable).

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